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“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

I help people get success faster and make more money without having to work longer and harder hours.

My typical clients are executives who have achieved success and met most of their goals, but are wondering if this is all there is to life.

I worked for over 25 years in the global energy industry founding and running companies and managing large projects. My specialty has always been getting people with different backgrounds and cultures to work together to achieve targets and increase revenues. In addition to working with clients, being a public speaking and a writer, I am the chairman of a northwest London charity, a non-executive director and advisor to private equity firms.


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Friends had been after me for years to seek help because I was so stressed in my corporate job. I wanted to quit, but the pay and the benefits were too good. I’d worked hard to get to the level I was at and I didn’t want the job to get the best of me. I didn’t begin the coaching work with any expectation that it would help. I just wanted to be able to tell my friends I’d tried. I’m so glad I met Cindy. My outlook on life and my job changed in ways I couldn’t expect through the work we did together over the past year. Cindy helped me understand things about the way I looked at life in a way I could never have done. She opened my eyes for me. Thank you, Cindy

– Janice D

I wouldn’t have put myself forward for my new position without your help. I’m happier and making more money than I thought possible. Thank you.

– Gary H

Cindy, thank you for helping me break through my blocks to enjoy the work I’m doing. I was at the point of wanting to quit my legal career because the stress was getting to me and I couldn’t sleep. It was also affecting my family life. With your help, I overcame my anxieties and I have made more time to spend with my wife and children. Thank you! I’ve recommended you to several friends who I expect will call you soon

– Ken A

I wasn’t sure about executive coaching as I’d known other people who’d had it and they weren’t impressed. But with Cindy I learned things I never expected to. Her training in Conversational Intelligence, and knowledge of how conversations affect our brain chemicals, was especially useful in helping me develop trust among my sales team. Our sales increased as a result. Now I’m bringing Cindy in to continue building trust and increasing productivity with my sales team.

– Claudia W

I didn’t know where to start until I worked with Cindy. I had the idea of starting a business, but lacked the confidence to do it. She helped me with that and based on our work I took the plunge and started the business. I’ve never been happier. Cindy also helped me quit smoking. She changed my life

– Marion B

Thank you, Cindy, for delivering such a powerful and impactful session on Growth Mindset to our Early Talent group. It was so relevant and helpful for the group that I would like to book you again next year for our new class.

– Joe Murray, Government Talent Programme

Sometimes in sport you find success and then over a period, forget or change what made you successful. Same in life. Reading this book brought back many thoughts of the mindset that I had in younger days and worked. As today is my 60th birthday I now feel as motivated as I have in years by reading More to Give. If I live to 120, I’m half way there. Great book…

– Jeff Jones (Amazon Review)

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